100% electric

A fully refurbished bus
on electric purpulsion

Zero emission

Thanks to it’s electric purpulsion the vehicle emits no tailpipe pollutants

Low noise

Thanks to its electric purpulsion
the vehicle makes almost no noise

Up to 5 year warranty on final product

The final product is a fully refurbished bus with up to 5 year warranty

Refurbished already owned and tested bus

The idea of using a used bus is to design a vehicle, fitting customer specific requirements

Range adapted to requirements

Range and driving performances are adapted to specific needs

High power density

Batteries with high power density are not only best quality but save a lot of space

Integrated fast charging and/or external charging station

Acording to clients needs fast charging can be integrated or a charging station can be designed

High comfort air conditioning

heating, cooling, ventilation

Low consumption

The vehicles low consumption will save the environment and money